Getting In Shape For Spring With Running

So I decided it is time to get in shape, as spring and summer will be here in no  time, and I have been baking up a storm! One thing I used to do when I was younger, was I would jog along the canal through the city with my dog. I don’t have a dog these days, but I figure what the heck, I should start working up to running again. If you know me, you know I won’t do anything without my accessories so I bought one of these iFitness belts to hold my water  and my other stuff while I walk, and eventually run. Nothing is worse as a runner, than having to worry about all your stuff while you are trying to jog.

I want to incorporate weight lifting into the routine eventually, but I don’t think I am quite there yet. I figure if I start with my goal being to walk 3 miles, then run 1 mile, then 2 etc, I will be a full blown runner again in no time. I was checking out the couch to 5k app, but honestly it seems like it progresses a little bit slower than I would like to, so I am just going to kind of do my own program of tapering up from walking to jogging.

I’m also a little concerned about my knees, so I will be upping my dosage of glucosimine that I take daily, because I know how much it can help when I am doing something strenuous. I figure with a good diet, and getting out on the road 4 or 5 days a week, I will be over this holiday puffiness in no time. Are any of you doing anything to get in shape for spring? I know the weather is still cold and nasty in places, but are you doing anything indoors to get over that holiday pudge? Let us know!



December Rum Balls

It’s December 26th…the day after Christmas. Can you believe it? The world didn’t end. The apocalypse didn’t happen. And we had a white Christmas! Well, sort of white. More like a dusting that disappeared when you sneezed. But it was at least white! We didn’t get hammered here in Northeast Pennsylvania like the South did or what my Aunt recently got in Wisconsin.

sparkly rum balls


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Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes

When I was young, breakfast was often dinner. Why? Because breakfast is cheap. For a few dollars, my mom could feed her family of four (or more depending on who was living with us or visiting at the time).  Pancakes were an easy staple. Believe it or not, it’s just as cheap to make a homemade pancake batter as it is to buy Bisquick, and it tastes ten times better. Bonus, it’s healthier. You can control the sugar and salt content. Even better? Having leftover blueberries from blueberry picking in the freezer. Of course, buying fresh or frozen blueberries work just as well.


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